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[Voice Post]

Well, I don't even know if this *static* will even get *static* City, but it's worth a try.

Tonks and I are *static* and going to help the Order of the *static* fight the rest of this *static*....Harry *static* successful, he *static*!

I hope you all are well, and I am sorry that I *static* say goodbye. I will miss you all *static* take care of yourselves.

*Lots of static*

[End transmission]

((ooc; Sorry about this, kiddies, but Remus is going bye-bye too. He n Tonks are back in their own world and will make multicolored werepups help Harry and the Order of the Phoenix destroy Voldemort, kplzthx. ))
[Voice Post]

The forest is alive. Freedom is literally at my paws as I race through the forest, searching for prey.

Come out, come out wherever you are, you scrumptious things...I won't bite, I promise...

((ooc; Remus is fitting the usual stereotype of a fairy tale wolf: clever, enticing, and searching for things to eat.))


I'll be wearing gloves today.

Tonks, please...please don't ask why. I don't want to be a monster to you.

((ooc; Affected, obviously...poor Remus.))
Snape is gone, and I must say that I feel more relieved to know that he will not harm anyone here in the City....although I am worried that he has gone back to our world....I would honestly rather have had him stay here where I could keep an eye on him rather than have him go back. I fear for Harry's safety nearly every day, and can only hope that our home is all right.

Tonks is still recuperating from her bout of celebrating St. Patrick's day....I must admit that I have never seen a woman drink so much as she can. I would have joined in the festivities, but my self-control has become significantly stronger than it did in my schooldays.

Tonks, if there's anything I can get you, let me know. I'll take care of you.

Feb. 18th, 2007


Don't...please...no one come near me today.

I'm not...I'm not feeling well.

((ooc; Remus is affected, hence the reason he wants people to avoid him today. He doesn't want to hurt anyone's feelings.))



Happy Valentine's Day, everyone.

For TonksCollapse )

Is there something wrong with the heater? It's awfully hot in the apartment.

((ooc; TEE HEE. Yes, Remus is affected. >D But, like the gentleman that he is, he's trying to voice it in the most polite way possible.))


Feb. 14th, 2007

Seeing as that Tonks is still sleeping due to her very relaxed - although lazy - day, I will be taking this opportunity to do some shopping....after all, Valentine's Day is upon us, is it not? I would end up being a horrible prat if I didn't get Tonks a little something. I don't have much, but hopefully I can get her something she'll appreciate.


,02 Better

Much better now that I have been healed and have gotten proper rest. I am not sure exactly where I am, but I suppose Tonks will tell me everything I need to know. I had thought my wand was broken back in the forest with Fenrir, but when I woke up, it was in my cloak pocket. Strange.

Thank you, Zaheela, was it? For healing me. You saved my life, and I am indebted to you.

I am relieved to find Tonks safe and sound; with the war going on, I was worried sick over what could have happened to her. I worry for my friends, but for now I must focus on healing and returning to my former strength.

Hexed against Severus//Open to Everybody ElseCollapse )

OOCCollapse )


.01 Heaven and Hell

I can't remember much.....dear god, my stomach hurts....

Tonks...I'm so sorry I couldn't save you or...find you...

((ooc; Remus is sprawled on the grass in Xanadu, bleeding from his stomach, due to the injury Fenrir gave him. Approach him/help him if you want, he won't bite.))